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Ulf Dextegen: Stockholm Sweden

Aktiv Medlem 2023, 22, 21, 20 , 19, 18 17 , 16

Hypnosis, NLP and EFT

I work with any client case but am mostly oriented to flight phobias, quit smoking and sports achievements. I have a sincere interest in my clients problem situations and I work “from my heart”. I strive towards excellence and my overall goal is that a client would not need to meet me again in (yet) another session.

I have put together a successful formula using EFT, NLP and hypnosis (in this order) which works well for me. In addition to sessions I also provide individual recordings where suitable/needed.

I have also conducted group hypnosis, with at most 95 persons present.

My main interest is in sports performances where I among many things have helped my clients to world record and several world champion medals (including myself).



Ulf Dextegen - Medlem i International Hypnotists Guild 2023


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