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Eva Milton: Vikingstad (Linköping), Sweden

Aktiv Medlem 2021

Hypnotherapy, Hypnoanalysis, Past Life regression, NLP practitioner, EFT, Reiki healer

There’s a bridge from the field of swimcoaching to hypnosis and therapy. I have walked that bridge. Taking with me 30 years of experience in coaching and mental training. Not only peak performance strategies but also other coping skills. Learning hypnosis, NLP and EFT made coaching much more effective. Treatment fields were soon expanding from sports performance to self image issues, confidence, weight management, fears and phobias, anxiety etc.

I have diplomas from SSEAH (Swedish School for Ethical and Analytical Hypnotherapy) in hypnotherapy, hypnoanalysis and regressions which are effective tools in hypnotherapy but I prefer not to be seen as limited to only those. If one approach to a clients challenge doesn’t work I have plenty of other methods to apply. Humor is not taught in schools. Neither is empathy, but they are included in my sessions as natural components when propriate. Smiles, laughter and tears are common, even in more turbulent situations. As a therapist I always take your problems seriously, listen and do my very best with each client. I’m a solution seeker and think that there are more solutions than challenges.! We work together as a team. So let us get started in finding some new solutions for You now. I am especially interested in, but not limited to, helping you with anxiety issues, self image issues and performances (not only sports).

The greatest reward for me is seeing a releaved client smiling goodbye after successfull therapy. This happens often … Will You be next?


+46 13 83204

+4670 2535825

Eva Milton


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