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Numerous students ponder one question, what defines a good college essay? Many college essays help writers have come into the fray to address such queries.

There are typically four questions that form the crux of college essays. They are –

· Why am I doing this?

· Who am I?

· What is unique about it?

· What really matters?

If a student addresses all these questions in the essays, he has successfully conveyed his personal journey, personality, interests, ambitions, and skills to the examiners. The professional essay writer help the students in ticking off these parameters. Otherwise, the topics will become cliches and uninteresting.

Some of the topics to avoid are –

1. Resume or Life Achievements

Resumes may be a clever way of demonstrating your achievements, but they are immensely dull to read. There is a reason why resumes are followed by cover letters in the professional sector. Instead of stating boring resumes, try describing a practical experience that will highlight you from the rest. Mention the learnings or benefits you faced from that experience, which makes an interesting essay topic.

2. Sports success or challenges

There is a myth Many Essay Editing Service Providers have kept on feeding the students—sports achievements and how their experience translated into their life. The problem is, these specific angles have been covered so many times by so many students that it has become redundant.

However, if you plan on writing around sports, it is better to avoid these themes –

· Relying on the team

· Overcoming challenge

· Refusing to lose

· Frustration after defeat

· The excitement of a win

3. Tragedy

Tragedies are a kind of formative experience. They may seem like a good thing to write about, but the tragedies shift the limelight from the applicant to the tragedy itself. A persuasive essay help the can’t applicant’s cause.

It is possible to write about a tragedy without making it a cliché. But the student must be careful to keep the focus on himself. Using themes like “make each day count” or “life is too short” will instantly shift the focus on the tragedy instead of highlighting the applicant's personal life.

4. Working in a challenging environment

If the student is applying for a prestigious institution, it is obvious that most of his peers will belong to the same class and have worked in similar conditions. Moreover, the main elements of this topic are already mentioned in recommendation letters. Try to avoid issues like

· Diligence

· Work Ethic

· Perseverance

· Endurance

· Intellect

There are various other topics that a student can avoid. For more guidance, contact a write my essay for me service.

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