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Why Does Memory Deteriorate?

Memory impairment and its deterioration is directly related to the work of the brain. If even small gaps are noted (for example, they forgot where they put the keys), then this already indicates a malfunction in the main biological mechanism. Many attribute memory impairment to age. In fact, memory is affected by a number of factors.

Anxiety, anxiety, stress and depression

As soon as problems appear on the horizon, a person goes headlong into them, trying to solve them in all possible and impossible ways. In fact, he moves away from reality, remains alone with himself, does not notice what is happening and becomes more distracted.

Alcohol and antidepressants

Scientists have long proven the harm of alcohol. The use of alcohol-containing drinks negatively affects health: it depresses the heart, sharply constricts blood vessels, affects the endocrine system, and the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, alcohol slows down the thought process, distorts the perception of the world around us. Often, after long feasts, the next day, the “reveler” has a headache, and he does not remember many moments of yesterday's events.

Sedatives also depress the work of the central nervous system. They are designed to protect the individual from shocks, and, therefore, distort the perception and awareness of reality.


Cigarettes and other tobacco products not only "contaminate" the lungs and the body with toxins, poison it, but also have a destructive effect on memory and the psyche.

Lack of sleep

The lack of a daily regimen, inadequate sleep provokes the appearance of chronic fatigue, nervousness, lethargy. The brain is overstressed, overexcited and refuses to perceive new information.

Malnutrition and deficiency of vitamins, microelements

For the brain to work perfectly, it needs not only oxygen, but also nutrients. If you eat inadequately, then there is a depletion of useful trace elements and vitamins, a weakening of the immune system. During illness, brain activity slows down as the body tries to get rid of the virus. Even an elementary cold can “stop” the brain, because due to nasal congestion and constant sniffing, “oxygen starvation” develops, headaches appear.

Haste and bustle

If you constantly rush somewhere, then important moments and deeds fall out of sight, the brain is not able to rationally use its potential. The person becomes distracted, forgetful, inattentive.

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