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Sara Holm: Sweden

Aktiv Medlem 2021

I work as a medical massage therapist in my company Andante Massage & Friskvård since 2006. During these years I have met many people who have had a need to reduce stress in their everyday life. Some of them have come regularly for massage, 1-4 times a month and they claim that their sense of well being has increased since they started.

After I certified myself for the International Hypnotists Guild in applied conversational hypnotic techniques, somatic therapy in the form of Trauma Tapping Technique and applied Neuro Linguistic Programming my understanding of the holistic balance between body and mind has increased remarkably. This has partly changed my way of working, because today I see total relaxation as an optimal state to release physical tensions in. This training has also provided me with tools and confidence to meet emotions that can be perceived as complicated and dark, that may surface during a treatment. Trauma Tapping in itself is a unique method in its simplicity and simple to add on to a conventional treatment.

My words of inspiration during work are “Stop, listen and feel”.

I often ask the questions:

– Why do you think you are in pain exactly where you are in pain?

– What is your body trying to tell you?


+46-73-679 01 55

Sara Holm


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